XPOD is the abbreviated form for Experience the Power of Digital Cinema. XPOD engages your movie experience with an exotic and lively digital delight, delivering a rich and vibrant Digital Live Experience. XPOD takes you beyond the traditional viewing of cinema to the next level of realistic experience.


Jazz welcomes you to the next dimension in 3D cinema viewing, allowing you to experience the brightest and most vivid picture ever.

The XPOD 3D uses high-end digital cinema technology to make 3D movies more visually satisfying than ever before. It imports the brightest, most colourful and cinematic images. It quenches your desire for real time 3D experience with ultra-high brightness, best colour fidelity and stunning clarity.


The HFR 3D refers to High Frame Rate 3D.For a typical motion picture film, the frame rate is 24 frames per second. The HFR 3D technology allows you to enjoy your movie with a frame rate of 48 frames per second doubling your visionary treat while watching the movie.


The 4K Digital Cinema delivers an immersive, realistic and wholly believable cinematic experience. The DCI (Digital Cinema Initiatives) certified projectors offer stunning 4K images with ultimate brightness and vibrant colours to ensure a razor-sharp movie experience on our premium cinema screens. A 4K picture projected on a cinema screen contains 4096x2160 pixels which means an incredible level of detail, better-looking pictures and a more immersive, emotional entertainment experience that you will love.


Cinema being very Universal in the current trend, Jazz eases your movie watching experience breaking the linguistic bars. Subtitles are the english transcripts of the screenplay sophisticating your movie experience irrespective of its language.


From the loudest blast to the faintest whisper - Sound you will not just hear but also feel. The sound systems in our cineplex are engineered adhering to the calibrations set by SMPTE (Society of Motion Picture & Television Engineers) standards focussing on meticulous sound quality in every decibel. The 4 way speakers embellish your audio experience in every note with its unerring quality and technology.