1. How do I register myself with Jazz Cinemas?

You can register yourself with Jazz Cinemas either via Website (www.jazzcinemas.com) or Mobile App by providing the required details in the Sign Up column.

2. Should I Sign in every time I book a movie?

Yes, it is necessary to Sign In every time you book a ticket via Website (www.jazzcinemas.com) to have better personalised experience. In case of your Mobile App its just a One-Time LogIn process and not necessary to LogIn every time you book your movie tickets.

3. What are the benefits of becoming a registered member with JAZZ Cinemas?

Being connected with Jazz Cinemas avails you a free Newsletter every week keeping you updated on the movie details, show timings, subtitles, what’s in & what’s out. You will be notified on the promotions & events happening in the premises. You can also keep track of booking history and save your cards for swift transactions.


1. What are the different Censor Ratings for the movie?

U - Unrestricted public exhibition

A - Restricted to adults above 18 years only

U/A - Unrestricted public exhibition subject to parental guidance for children below age of 12

S - Restricted to any special class of persons

2. Are there restrictions for Cinema entry depending on Censor rating for the movie?

Yes, for movies that are ‘A’ certified guests above the age of 18 years only will be allowed.


1. How do I book my tickets for a particular show?

ONLINE: You can book your tickets online either via Website or Mobile App. You can also “Go Quick” in our Website and App and book your tickets in a flash.

BOX OFFICE: You can directly approach our Box Office counters and avail your tickets.

PHONE & KIOSKs: If you hold a B’LINK! card you can either Ring us @ 044 - 4033 3344 or access the KIOSKs and dodge the queues.

2. Will I incur extra charges if I book tickets via online or phone?

Yes, you will be charged Rs. 30/-per ticket for booking charges via Website or App or Phone. The booking charges will be wavered off for Box Office & KIOSK bookings.

3. What forms of online payment do you accept?

We accept all types of Credit & Debit cards. You can also make your payments effortless via B’LINK! card.

4. What do I do if my payment is not successful?

If your payment is not successful, register your complaint with us @ 044 - 4033 3344. Your money will be processed and credited back into your account in the next 7-10 working days

5. How secured is my payment transaction with Jazz Cinemas?

Your payment is secured via Citrus Payment Gateway. Citrus is PCI DSS certified and uses Verisign certified 128-bit encryption technology for security. Verisign certified 128-bit encryption technology ensures that any information you enter during transaction on Citrus is sent in a Secure Socket Layer (SSL) session and is encrypted to protect you against unintentional disclosure to third parties.

6. How do I opt-out or delete my saved card details?

As the card details are saved and encrypted with the Citrus payment gateway for the purpose of security, you will have to process the following procedure. To opt-out, Log In —> Process a booking till the Payment page —> Select Saved cards and click Proceed —> Delete the card detail from your Saved cards list.

7. How do I know if my booking is confirmed?

Once booking is confirmed you will be automatically redirected to the booking confirmation page holding your unique Booking ID. Also you will receive a SMS & email holding your e-ticket for the respective booking.

8. What do I do if I do not receive a booking receipt Email or SMS?

If you do not receive a booking receipt, visit Jazz Cinemas website, go to Booking History and click Resend SMS in the respective booking.

9. How can I view my Booking History?

Visit www.jazzcinemas.com —> Log In to your profile —> On the top right corner you will find Booking History in your Profile dropdown.

10. Will I be charged extra for 3D movies?

Yes, you will be charged a sum of Rs. 30/-per ticket for all the 3D movies.

11. Should I necessarily return the 3D glass?

Yes, it is highly mandatory to return the 3D glasses, because the 3D glasses are provided to you only on rent.

12. Do you have separate 3D glasses for kids?

Yes, we have separate 3D glasses in a different size customised for kids.

13. How to use my e-ticket for my entry into the Cinemas?

Simply show your e-ticket via SMS or email to the Junior GREs in front your respective screen to make your way into the screen.

14. What is the maximum number of tickets that I can book in a single transaction?

You can book a maximum number of 10 tickets via Website, Mobile App, Box Office & Phone. To upscale your count you can make more than one transaction.

15. How do I make bulk bookings?

To book tickets for an out sizing crowd of 20 numbers or more mail us at groupbooking@jazzcinemas.com and let us know on your requirements or Submit the group booking form in the Mobile App stating your needs.

16. Will I be offered with any refunds in case I missed my show?

No, please make sure that you are on time for your respective show because you will not be refunded for any reason.

17. Can I cancel my tickets or exchange them for a different movie?

Unfortunately, Jazz Cinemas does not entertain cancellation or exchange of tickets in any form.

18. Will I be authorised to sell my tickets to someone else?

No, you definitely cannot sell tickets to anyone. If found selling, you will be taken to task for unauthorised selling of tickets.

19. Is it necessary for everyone to acquire a ticket for the movie?

Ticket is imperative for everyone including children who are 3 years old and above.


1. I have ordered for food along with my tickets, but I missed my show. Can I avail my Food alone in a later period?

Yes, you can avail your food anytime using your Booking ID at our Concession counters within the next 15 days.

2. What are the different modes I can buy my Food & Beverages?

ONLINE & PHONE: You can order your comestibles online either via Website or Mobile App or Phone(B’LINK! required) while booking your movie tickets.

CONCESSION: You can directly approach our Concession counters to serve a treat to your appetite.

KIOSKs: If you hold a B’LINK! card just access the KIOSKs to order your munches irrespective you book a movie or not.

3. When will I be served with my Food during the course of movie, in case I order it online?

You will be served with your Food & Beverages during the course of interval.

4. Can I cancel my Food & Beverages order?

No, it is not possible to cancel any Food & Beverages order. However, the rich savoury of our exquisite delectables will only tempt you to ask for more.

5. Will I be allowed to carry outside food inside theatre complex?

No, outside food will strictly not be permitted inside the theatre complex. You will be asked to leave it with the Security Personnel while you enter and you can collect it later when you leave.


1. How do I keep myself updated on the Discounts & Offers proposed by Jazz Cinemas?

Take a sneak into our Newsletter and Mobile App to keep yourself updated and entertained with the Events, Discounts & Offers going on with Jazz.

2. Will Jazz Cinemas hold any responsibility for a property lost by individual inside the multiplex?

We kindly request you to keep tight hold of your possessions because Jazz will not hold any debt to belongings lost by individual.

3. Whom should I contact to avail the Wheelchair facility?

Every attendant in our theatre complex will direct you on how to avail the wheelchair.

4. Will I be provided with pillows and duvets?

Yes, on request you will be provided with pillows and duvets and the tariff for the same is Rs. 30/-per movie.

5. How do I know the details regarding the movies displayed with subtitles?

You will find the list of movies screening with the subtitles on our Website, Mobile App, Social Media platforms & Newspaper Ads. You can also contact our Customer Care point to solve your query regarding Subtitles.

6. Is it restricted to take pictures or videos inside the multiplex?

The exorbitant luxury of our multiplex allure our guests to click pictures. However, it is strictly not permissible to click pictures or selfies inside the screens.

7. Will I be allowed to smoke or drink intoxicants within the theatre premises?

Smoking or chewing tobacco and consumption of intoxicants in any form is strictly prohibited in our premises. Intoxicated people will not even be allowed to enter.

8. Whom should I contact to advertise Ads on-screen?

Reach us @ 962 999 9244 / 962 999 9277 to advertise Ads on our nonpareil screens also for any queries on Events and other promotional activities.

9. Where or with whom can I register my complaints regarding Jazz Cinemas?

You can send us a mail to care@jazzcinemas.com regarding any complaint and we will ensure that the problem is straightened out. You can also directly approach the Duty Managers on site with your complaints and they will iron out the issue immediately.

10. What is Glacier Bay and where is it?

Glacier Bay is the exclusive ice cream parlour of Luxe delivering eight unique flavours of ice cream. Standing delicious in the upright end of the Concession lobby between Screen 5 & Screen 6 is the Glacier Bay.

11. Can I access the play lounge behind Glacier Bay for free?

It is not open and free for the common public. However, all those customers who buy ice creams at Glacier Bay are exempted to play in the lounge for free.

12. What is Cafe De Luxe and where is it?

Cafe De Luxe is the luxury themed restaurant of Jazz Cinemas located on the mezzanine of the grand lobby. The elevator near the grand piano accessesyour way to therestaurant.

13. Why should I visit Cafe De Luxe?

The unique feature of Cafe De Luxe is its ambiance which stands apart from all other restaurants in the city serving under the same price. Cafe De Luxe delivers a very unique menu with a wide range of delectables at a very affordable price with Bunny Chow and Chocolate Mousse being their signature dishes.

14. What is Spatik and where is it?

Spatik by Oryza is the dry spa of Jazz Cinemas offering quick foot and back massages at a very competitive price. It is located in the Concession lobby adjacent to Screen 7 and diagonally opposite to Screen 4.

15. Why should I visit Spatik?

Spatik, the elegant spa of Jazz Cinemas is a specialist in foot massage. We have special services like Foot Reflexology and Aromatic Massages at a very much reasonable price when compared. Feel rejuvenated at discounted rate with our special deals and offers.

16. How do I take up a career with Jazz Cinemas?

To take up a career with the pioneers in entertainment, visit our career page to know the details on current openings and other related information.

17. Are there provisions to conduct Birthday Party, Anniversary and other personal celebrations inside the multiplex?

Yes, we are greatly delighted to add gala and pomp up our guests’ celebration. You can either write to us at marketing@jazzcinemas.com or give us a call to 962 999 9244 / 962 999 9277 and we will make it certain that your special day becomes a memorable one.

18. Are there provisions to conduct public events inside the multiplex?

Yes, you can have your customised stage for your events like Product launch, Track launch, Product display, Stall, etc. You can either write to us at marketing@jazzcinemas.com or give us a call to 962 999 9244 / 962 999 9277 and we shall assist to frame the success of your event.

19. Where can I claim my two wheeler parking charges?

You can claim parking charges in the parking ticket validation counter right opposite to Box Office counters near the elevator to Cafe De Luxe. The discount has been designed on common grounds, considering an average of 3 to 4 hours for the movie time including the time for arrival and departure. Hence, only if you spend four hours with us, you will be given 50% discount on parking charges i.e. you will be wavered off Rs. 100/- from your total parking charges.


1. How do I reach the customer care point to solve my query?

You can either mail us to care@jazzcinemas.com or ring us @ 044 - 4033 3344 to reach the customer care point.

2. For what kind of queries can I approach the customer care portal?

You can approach the customer care portal to solve all your queries on movie enquiry, movie schedule, movie booking, booking procedure, B’LINK! card, to know more about Jazz and so on. You can also register all your complaints with us via our customer care portal.

3. Is there any time restriction to contact the customer care support?

Be it any season, any day, any time our customer care portal is always at your disposal to be of assistance.

4. What do I do if I do not find any question in the FAQs matching my query?

You can either write your query to us to care@jazzcinemas.com or give us a ring to 044 - 4033 3344 and we will clear up your query.


1. What can I purchase using a B’LINK! card?

You can use your B’LINK! card to avail Tickets, Food & Beverages and Services at our Concession counters, Box Office Counters and Speciality Retails. B’LINK! also helps you leisure your purchase of tickets & snacks online via Website (www.jazzcinemas.com) or Mobile App or Phone (044 - 4033 3344).

2. Are my transactions secured?

Yes, every time you make a transaction, a high security cinched One-Time Password will be generated on your registered mobile number and email id. However, at the Point of Sale transactions physical presence of B’LINK! card is mandatory.

3. Will I incur any charges for booking tickets via B’LINK! card?

Yes, a sum of Rs. 30/-per ticket will be charged from your B’LINK! account for bookings via website or app or phone and the same will be wavered off for KIOSK and Box Office bookings.

4. How can I recharge my B’LINK! card?

You can recharge your B’LINK! card inexhaustible number of times at the Box Office counters at any of our cinemas or ease your recharge via online either through the website (www.jazzcinemas.com) or through the Mobile App. The recharge tariff can vary on a figure scale from Rs. 100/-on the least to Rs. 10,000/-on the maximum.

5. Is there a possibility for refund?

Unfortunately, Jazz Cinemas does not restore any refunds from the amount recharged on your B’LINK! card, rather you can redeem it by making a purchase at Box Office counters or Concession counters or Speciality Retails.

6. How can I redeem my card, if lost?

It is the sole responsibility of the cardholder to report the loss or theft of their respective B’LINK! card. If reported immediately, the balance amount in your B’LINK card may be retained and a fresh card will be issued for Rs. 100/-including the courier charges. You may alarm us on the loss by reaching us @ 044 - 4033 3344.

7. I claim my 8th free ticket but then the movie show gets cancelled, can I claim it again?

Unfortunately, you cannot claim it again until you reach your next 8th transaction. However, the free ticket amount for that particular cancelled show will be reverted to your B’LINK! card itself.


1. What is the difference between B’LINK! Gift Card and B’LINK! Prepaid Movie Card?

B’LINK! Gift Card is solely for Corporate purposes and an individual cannot claim for a B’LINK! Gift Card. Whereas, a B’LINK! Prepaid Movie Card is solely for personal use and can be owned by individuals.

2. Can I customise a B’LINK! Gift Card to an individual?

Unfortunately,B’LINK! Gift Card can be customised to an individual only via Corporates. Customisation outside corporates is not possible.

3. Should I necessarily use the entire value of my Gift Voucher at one shot or can I retain the credit for a future use?

It is highly mandatory to use the entire value at one shot itself, the retained credit in your voucher becomes invalid after the first transaction itself. Whereas, if you hold a B’LINK! card you can redeem the entire value of your Gift Voucher onto your B’LINK! card either by approaching the Box Office counter or online via website or mobile app.

4. Can I use the Gift Voucher in more than one counter?

No, the Gift Voucher can be used only once in any one of the counters only, either in Box Office counter or Concession Counter or Cafe De Luxe or Spatik or Glacier Bay.

5. How can I transfer the credit value of my Gift Voucher to my B’LINK! card online?

To transfer the Voucher amount, Login to www.jazzcinemas.com or Jazz Cinemas Mobile App—> Select B’LINK! Recharge —> Type the Voucher Amount —> Select Voucher option in the Payment methods —> Enter your voucher details and get credited on your B’LINK! card.

Ring us @ 044 - 4033 3344 for any queries and clarifications.

What is LazyPay?

LazyPay powered by PayU is the new “Buy Now! Pay Later!” mode that will curtail your ticket booking procedure. LazyPay option will help you earn credit for your ticket cost while you book which can be paid back to LazyPay at your ease of convenience. (Note: LazyPay can be used only for your ticket purchase as of now)

How to use LazyPay?

(Note: You will be categorised as Approved / Non-approved customer based on the internal assessments of LazyPay)

1st time:

While you opt for LazyPay for the first time it will take you through a payment procedure via credit card mode. Once you enter your credit card credentials and complete your transaction you will automatically become a registered customer of LazyPay. (Note: Only for Non-approved customers)

2nd time:

The next time while you choose LazyPay, only an OTP will be generated and once you enter the same your transaction will be complete. (Note: For Approved customers the first time you opt for LazyPay itself you will receive an OTP)

3rd time:

Olà! Welcome to the actual LazyPay experience! Just click LazyPay in payment page and simply confirm your order. Booking your tickets henceforth is just as simple as that.

How do I pay back LazyPay?

Once your booking is done you will receive notifications via mail from LazyPay for the transaction made. You will find an option in the mail “Pay Now” clicking on which you can make your payment.

What is my credit amount for LazyPay?

A sum of Rs. 2500 is set as the credit cap for LazyPay as of now. You may not be able to make any further transactions once you have consumed your entire credit limit until you repay the same to LazyPay. (Note: The cap of Rs. 2500 may increase depending on the number transactions you make via LazyPay and the goodwill you maintain with PayU)

What is my credit period for LazyPay?

The credit periods for LazyPay are on two different cycles:

- For the transactions made between 1st - 15th in a month, the statement will be generated on 16th and the customer can pay before 18th of the same month.

- For the transactions made between 16th - 30th in a month, the statement will be generated on 1st and the customer can pay before 3rd of the following month.

(Note: However, the customer does not have to wait till the credit period but can make his payments every now and then as he pleases)

*T&C: Terms of usage of LazyPay is solely determined by the Terms & Conditions of LazyPay.

Why should I opt for UPI?

UPI is a safe and fast payment mode that eliminates Card Details and Net Banking credentials and allows you to experience a much convenient booking transaction with just a single virtual ID for your money.

What is UPI?

UPI (Unified Payment Interface) is a payment system that allows you to pay Jazz Cinemas directly from your bank account without the hassle of typing your card details, or net banking / wallet password.

How do I set-up a UPI account?

Download and Install the UPI app (Android / iOS) like BHIM, PHONEPE or any Bank Apps as per the account held with your respective banks.

Set-up your account and register for the Virtual Payment Address ( VPA ) on your respective UPI App. For example: xyzabc@upi / xyzabc@hdfc / xyzabc@icici / etc…

How do I use UPI in Jazz Cinemas Website?

During your transaction process in our Website, in the payment page you will find an option “UPI”. Select that option and enter your VPA (Virtual Payment Address - if you already have one) and click “Pay Now”. You will receive a SMS to your Mobile Number and a notification in your concerned bank’s mobile app. Click the notification/SMS and simply confirm your payment. Your transaction will be complete.

If you do not hold a VPA, then simply continue your booking via Credit Card / Debit Card / Net Banking in the UPI pop-up itself. Later, you will receive an Email from Citrus stating the guidelines to set-up your own Virtual Payment Address.

Will Jazz Cinemas get my bank account details?

UPI uses “Virtual Payment Address” (which is similar to ‘abcd123@hdfc’ ). You only give us this address and we store your payment details against this. All your bank credentials remain highly classified and are not visible to Jazz Cinemas.

How will my payment via UPI show up in my bank account statement?

It will show up as an IMPS Bank transfer to Jazz Cinemas.

*T&C: Terms of usage of UPI is solely determined by the Terms & Conditions of UPI.